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for businesses, creatives and individuals.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is a meticulous check of content provided by you. At Spud Media we analysis every word, the sentence structure, and consistency of your language. We check the text is grammatically correct, clear, concise and accurate.

Proofreading is not a re-write, although we may suggest amendments we feel will benefit your document. Our proofreading service is bespoke and tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Dedicated to accurate proofreading and editing

Let Spud Media proofread the copy you’re writing for your websites and blogs. Maybe you’re designing new business flyers? Putting together documents for your business, or submitting university papers? Proofreading helps ensure your work reflects the time you have dedicated to its creation.

Are you ready to get your content proofread?

What does our service include?

  • ✔ Grammar
  • ✔ UK/US Spelling
  • ✔ Punctuation
  • ✔ Correct use of UK/US English
  • ✔ Academic style
  • ✔ Repetition
  • ✔ Comments explaining common errors
  • ✔ Sentence structure

Spud Media proofreading service offers:

Unique experience

We have extensive experience covering a wide range of subjects, including bilingual publications.

Rapid turnaround

Fast turnaround is often available.

Native English editors

We use highly experienced Native English editors to check your work.

Proofreading & Editing Combined

Spud Media offers a combined proofreading and editing check, with no supplementary charge.

Easy as 1,2,3

Schedule a call

Talk to us! We’d love to discuss your proofreading requirements. Please provide as much detail as you can, regarding type and length of document and time frame.

Developing your project

We’ll get to work proofreading your content… word by word and line by line. Copy is marked up enabling you to approve changes.

Your finished project

Receive your files; clearly presented and easy to read.